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    Wednesday, June 22, 2016

    Seven Knights Korean Update 23 June 2016 : New Costume Luminous, Revamp Silvia Awaken, And Update Popular Ranking

    - Gvg banned list Knox, Ruri, Chancellor, Karma, Teo, Lina

    - Evolution Special package elements Discontinued

    - Awakening the hero remake (Sylvia)

    Revamp Awaken Sylvia

    Passive : All enemies debuff took more damage 50%(same as Ace), increase herself magic atk depend on her %HP lost, grants Zombie mode when she death and immune to all kind of CC 4 turns

    Skill1 : Magic atk 140% 2targets 2hits, always critical and penetrate (cd100)

    Skill2 : Magic atk 60% 5targets 2hits, addition decrease enemies target total damage 50% 2turns, rush timer effect 2turns (cd110)

    Awaken Skill : Magic atk 400% 4targets addition enemies took more damage 50% depend on enemies lost spot, poison effect 600% 2turns

    - Sylvia remake celebrates two kinds of resale Costumes

    Sylvia remake Memorial costume two resale
    • Until June 23 (Thursday) to June 30 (Thursday) 4:00: The time period -
    • Contents: During the event, Sylvia costume two resale

    - Luminous new costumes Limited Edition

    Revolution Hero Starlights Legend Costume limited sale
    • Until June 23 (Thursday) to July 7 (Thursday) 4:00: The time period -
    • Contents: Revolution Orchestra Costume three limited sales during the event period
    ※ corresponding costume has been applied to the effect, the effect will be applied also at the time of attack.

    - Updating the popular heroes Ranking page

    - End event

    • June Heroes ★ third acquisition probability rises and acquisition event
    • June third acquisition pet ★ rising probability of obtaining and events
    • Jewelry upgraded chance! event
    • Carl Heron hero awareness event
    • Equipment disabled (Topaz) offers discounts

    - Compensation payments events

    • Yeonheei, Carl Heron acquired events
    • Megeve, Guilin acquired events
    • Carl Heron awareness event
    • Jewelry upgraded chance! event
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    2 comment:

    1. Gan tolong dong translate yg event dapetin 7K.. agk kurang jelas soalnya..

      1. kurang jelas gimana iia? perasaan itu udah jelas banget pokok coba aja ikutin satu per satu terus di lihat yang nambah mana gitu


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