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    Saturday, July 30, 2016

    Are u You Ready For Awakening Rudy ?

    rudy awakening



    This may just be a rumor as it was uploaded on the 7K FB page as opposed to the actual Naver Cafe.

    This seems really ridiculous and may make someone I know quit the game, Sorano Neko xD

    Allies receive 70% Defense and all damage is reduced 50%
    Additionally, 100% block chance to self and allies reflect CC 3 times.

    Skill 1 CD 60
    Targets 2 highest HP wibth 180% physical damage 4 times!!!!
    Also inflicts 2 turn Death Status (Also highly likely to target zombie heroes)
    Penetrates and also ignores defense
    Also reduces all turn based and beneficial buffs.

    Skill 2 CD 80
    Reduce all damage to self 80% for 4 turns and speed attack against all attacks.
    Additionally, receives only 10% of maximum HP and reflects back 100%

    Awaken Skill
    Sacrifices self to Revives all allies and gives them 8000 HP shield/holy spirit.
    Revived allies attack, magic, defense raised 70%, and immune to all CC

    Rumor ScreenShot

    Rumor Rudy Awakening

    Rumor Rudy Awakening

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    4 comment:

    1. apakah benar, rudy bakal di awakened? seru dong..... apalagi min??? :D WKWKWK

    2. Overpower anjay, sacrifies lagi. Mubah lahir batin :v


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