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    Thursday, July 21, 2016

    New Update Seven Knights Korean Server 21 July 2016 - Added Bidam Awakening

    The update has been looking for with the new awakening hero NEWS
    Hero of the new awakening! Very stylish shooter Bidam!

    Bidam do not come out very well? !
    - Going to clean costume was to awake even us to one gift

    The third update of July along with the Sena amount! Do you want to try make sure?

    What's new

    - Gvg banned list

    > Rudy : Dellonse, Kris, Rudy, Rachel, Spike, Eileen, Jeiv, Rin, Karma

    > Kris : Dellonse, Kris, Rudy, Rachel, Spike, Eileen, Jeiv, Rin, Karma

    - Add one kinds of awakening the hero (Bidam)


    Awaken BIDAM

    Void shield for 6 hits
    All allies 40% crit rate

    Geogung Sinpo (95s cd)
    Targets 4 enemies with 60% physical damage, for 2 hits with additional 2000 fix damage (total of 3 hits)
    Saturated Taejeon (115s cd)
    Targets all enemies for 80% physical damage for 2 hits
    Additionally reduce buff timer for 2 turns.
    Awakened Skill
    Targets all enemies for 120% Physical damage for 2 hits
    Additionally damages 30% of max HP

    - Bidam awakening celebrate three kinds of costume resales

    Naval Battle

    Prince in The Forest

    Promise Of First Love

    - Add Chole to selectable card and crafting6* list

    - End Gvg SS12(Rudy), SS2(Kris) and start Preseason13,3

    - The tournament also ends with the regular season ends.
    - Pre-season period can be changed according to schedule.
    - Guild before admission are available through the "Guild" and "combat stance".
    - You can participate in the guild battle 12:00 to 23:30 every day.


    ※ The preparation time and less than 25 hours Guild progress is immediately processed abstain hand.
    ※ When you leave the guild tokens obtained in the guild is automatically destroyed, it can not recover.
    ※ Guild pre-season before the season does not pay compensation.
    ※ 12 regular-season and tournament rewards guild battle can only be received until the guild battle 13 regular-season starts.
    ※ guild can not join a new guild proceed to join the day before, before the Guild will participate in state reserves coin 0.
    ※ If the Guild League results progress of the same rank occur it will be selected according to the following priorities.
       1. Before Guild token Guild are many more (if the scores are equal before the guild)
       2. victory, draw, defeat the order, as higher Guild (Guild entire score, if signs are the same)
       3. The people in guild consonant sequence in progress (former guild points, tokens, seungmupae if the same)

    - Acquired pet from adventure mode improvement 

    12 acquired the manor pet improvement list
    - The pet which can be obtained from the 12 estates are added to increase the probability of obtaining 2-4 star pet.
    - A low probability on the Normal difficulty on the 12 estates can be acquired Sena pets.

    ※ 12 territory [Easy difficulty]

    ※ 12 territory [Normal difficulty]

    > Normal mode world12 you have chance to get Sena's pet

    - Improved Sena's gold guardian costume (have some shining bling bling) and from Lv3 > Lv4

    - Details Other improvements

    - End event

    > July ★ second hero acquisition and acquisition probability rises Events

    > July ★ Pet second acquisition probability rises and acquisition event

    > Event discounts crafted jewelry

    > Accessory Sales Event

    > Special package deals sold a piece of events

    - Compensation payments events

    > Yeonhui, Melcure acquire events

    > Guilin, Delro pet acquired events

    > Melcureawakening and strengthening awareness event

    > Shop mileage Box 1 + 1 event

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