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    Thursday, August 04, 2016

    Seven Knights Korean Update 04 August 2016 : Remake Awaken Ariel

    Seven Knights Korean Update 04 August 2016 : Remake Awaken Ariel

    The update, for evaporating discomfort to the Hero like!
    And the improvement of the lot of content, we have to find is a remake too beautiful Ariel ~

    Ariel remake and reform has been a lot of the system!
    Do you want to try check with its Senna amount? ♥

    ※ All the screen shots may have been taken from the test server, updates and real difference.

    ■ awakening remake hero (Ariel)
    - The existing abilities will be slightly increased.
    Skill Description Remake Awaken Ariel

    ■ awakening Ariel remake Memorial costume one resale
    - Period: until August 4 (Thursday) to August 11 (Thursday) at four
    - Contents: During the event, Ariel costume one resale

    Joker Costume Awaken Ariel

    Improved Gvg 2x guild represent
    - Guild representative before people will be improved.

    - Guild representative candidate registration during five people, one randomly selected people first and the second representative will be selected from the remaining four candidates.
    - Coins both relative consumption Guild Representative attack is possible, but coin will not be obtained.
    - Guild will be added to the [pre-fight against] the ability to book the entire team setting.
    Hero Slot Seven Knights Improvment GVG

    - When setting the preliminary battle for the next day it will be placed in a combat setting automatically.
    ※ If you do not change the pre-set battle for the following day it will also be placed in preliminary battles.
    ※ ban heroes are not placed when the ban heroes battle for spare change after the setting.
    ※ Guild before settlement time (23:30 to 00:30) can not be a battle for / against pre-set battle.

    improvement Selector Options
    - The retention period mailbox options are improving day 3 days → 7.
    - If you have a hero of the same rating that the phrase is written in heroic portrait.
    - Options hero list in the upper left corner of the Content featured heroes], the icon will be added.
    Update Seven Knights Hero Selector Improvement

    Advanced Heroes summoned 10 times improvement
    - The production and the effect upon advanced 10 times the hero summoning is improved.
    - If one goes further summons be exposed to the card screen.
    - The effect is exposed around the hero during a special acquisition card.

    Improvement over the state 'freezing' effect
    ** New Freeze effect
    - Addition DMG when freeze broke ignore DEF and penetrate
    - When the target took freeze effect target took more damage from all skills 50%
    **Character Changed
    - Spike skill remains the dame addition new effect to his skills

    - Rania normal atk can freeze addition new effect of skill and 80% more damages when it passed 2 turns
    Credits By. Suppakorn D. Kitchamnong

    Improved dungeon day
    - day of the week dungeon buff], the icon will be created for new warrior's.
    - Dungeon Buffs day] day of the week when clearing the dungeon rewards will be raised during the coverage period.
    - If changes to the existing 28 days warrior's warrior's attendance at the new [John dungeon buff] to finish.
    ※ [days dungeon buff icon will be applied to new warrior's, it does not apply to existing / warrior's return.

    Improved Raid (more)
    - Mark raids of summoning gauge is down from 10 to 10,000 is consumed when summoning the 1st 1000.
    - Awakening of the adventure Raid summoning gauge when the schedule is cumulative.
    - The warrior's notification icons found in a raid will be shown.
    - Is added to [rewards] button immediately eligible for compensation from the raid ended list.

    Other improvements
    - Displays the duration of the event for the rest of the jumping events in progress.

    ※ Even if you have not received compensation event it is terminated.
    - Quest Guide description and notation in more detail, when the quest is completed [Download compensation icon is exposed.
    - Shortcut to some period features have been added achievements and accomplishments will be moved to the Clear touch.
    - + 1-5 pop-up warning will be displayed when registering a hardened hero to hero-reinforced materials.
    - Special dungeon entrance path is improved.

    Error Correction
    - Chris phenomena manifested during the passive, 30% of the total health recovery ally was killed when the enemy's heroes option does not apply to normal
    - State over 'sleep' after applying [image], the phenomenon continues to sleep even if the effect of such damage [addiction] is not released
    - Does not apply symptoms intermittently freeze or state battle over effect when the basic attack to attack the 2-3
    - The general phenomenon of awakening the hero hero when motion is applied to the awakening wear costumes (more)

    - Gvg banned list
    Rudy server : Delos, Ryan, Kiriel, Hellenia, Evan, Teo
    Kris server : Delos, Ryan, Kiriel, Hellenia, Evan, Teo

    Don't Forget Share This Update to All Friends so that they know the details Update Seven Knights Korean

    - End event
    > July Fourth ★ rising probability of obtaining a hero and acquisition event
    > July Fourth ★ pet acquisition probability rises and acquisition event
    > Seven Knights! 777 Mission! event
    > Topaz consumption discount stores and events
    > Sena/ Emperor Equipment Sales Event
    > Hero decomposition discount offers
    > Celebrated in August! LTE offers cash back
    > Raid special equipment packages sold
    - Compensation payments events
    > Yeonhee, Melcure acquire events
    > Guilin, Pike acquired events
    > Seven Knights! 777 Mission! event

    > Let my friend Senator events
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