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    Friday, December 09, 2016

    New Event Seven Knights Global/Asia 08 Desember 2016

    Bingo? Bingo !

    We are back with the new event for December! If you complete the missions marked on each bingo panel, you will get great rewards! Hit Bingo and you have the chance to acquire a 6★ Accessory Selector, Boss Jewel Ticket and an Awakened Seven Knights Item Selector!. We have also prepared extra check-in reward, so please make sure you don't forget to tap “Check-In” button. 

    Event Period:

    12/09, 00:00 ~ 01/01, 23:59 (UTC)

    Bingo Mission & Rewards

    Check-In x 1
    Adventure Mode
    x 100
    Clear a Raid x 20
    Castle Rush x 12
    6★ Hero Selector
    4★ Hero Ticket
    6★ Item Ticket
    4-6★ Seven Knights Jewel Ticket
    Friend Summon x 50
    Check-In x 7
    Clear the Special Dungeon x 30
    Hero Fusion x 3
    100 Keys
    4★ Element Selector
    4★ Element Selector
    6★ Rice Cake
    Arena x 50
    Guild Check-In x 4
    Check-In x 15
    Special Hero Summon x 10
    100 Rubies
    4★ Element Selector
    4★ Element Selector x2
    150,000 Gold
    Guild War x 6
    Tower of Abyss x 7
    Clear Celestial Tower x 15
    Clear the World Boss x 3
    10 Topazes
    4-6★ Accessory Ticket
    Asgar Ore x5
    6★ Jewel Ticket

      Hit Bingo Rewards

    • 1 Row - 5★ Element Selector
    • 2 Row - Transcender Fina
    • 3 Row - Awakened Seven Knights Item Selector
    • 5 Row - 6★ Boss Jewel Ticket
    • 8 Row - 6★ Jewel Selector
    -The Check-in button resets at 00:00 (UTC+0) on a daily basis.
    -Only the missions completed during the event period will be counted.
    -You must tap “Claim” button in order to receive the reward.
    -Mission rewards will be sent to your mailbox.
    -Each Bingo Completion Reward will only be sent 1 time.

    Awakening Celebration Check-In Event

    To celebrate the newly addition of “Awakening” update, we have prepared a special “Check-In” Event. The event will last for 21 days, so do not miss out the great rewards from the event! 
    You can acquire 4★ Seven Knights + Four Lords Selector (Including Karma) for the final reward!
    Please click the event icon at main lobby and check out the details.

    Event Period:

    After 12/8 Update ~ Until further notice
    ※This Awakening Celebration Check-In Event is a different event from the regular Check-In event.


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