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    Friday, October 14, 2016

    Quotes Heroes on Seven Knights

    Quotes Heroes on Seven Knights

    Quotes Heroes on Seven Knights

    here some list what they quotes, source : member this group, and thanks a lot for Abdullah Imaduddin ....

    Seven Knight 

    - Rudy : “Those who serve the light!”
    - Eileene : “Bow before my feet ”
    - Rachel : “Royals do it, elegantly”
    - Dellons : “But I also don’t want to die here…”
    - Jave : “Not everyone can tame a Dragon.”
    - Spike : “Judgement day is here”
    - Kris : “I’ll show you the power of darkness”

    Four Lord 

    Ace : “You wish to fight?”
    Wukong : “You rookies are no match for me"
    Lu Bu : "Who is willing to challenge,against me?"
    Rin : "Come, gravel beneath me"

    Ex- Four Lord

    Teo : Witness my power

    Evan Expedition

    Evan : "Well then, let's go on an adventure!"
    Karin : "Does, Anyone require my assistance?"
    Yuri : “Do you want some foxiness?”
    Li : “Revenge... is all I got”
    Yui : “Oh yeah, Music Time"
    Jupy : “Would you be my target?”
    Hellenia : “"I owe the victory to my shield”
    Heavenia : “"I owe the victory to my sword”
    Snipper : "Sounds like fun, calm down"
    Ariel : “With the power of Light"


    Karon : "Providence of nature is the law"
    Victoria : “Dont hesitate, kiddo”
    Lucy : “Let me lead you”
    Velika : “Shall we play a game? just you and me”
    Sylvia : “For the Champion"
    Joker : “This card will decide your fate”
    Ming-Ming : "Ahaha! Play time!"
    Xiao : "For the Master's will."


    Rook : “For Victory"
    Chanchellor : “Charge for the Victory"
    May : “ Uh? Huh? Oh. Hi~"
    Alice : “Oh my! You need some new items”
    Aragon : “For the seven knights”
    NoHo : "There's so much left to record"

    Shadow Clan 

    Jane: "Silently but deadly"
    Black Rose : "Aim~ and Bang!"

    Holy Cross Crusaders 

    Ruri : “I'm the best, Right?!"
    Espada : “Rest in peace”
    Shane : “Target Terminated”
    Sieg : “Come, stay behind me”
    Nia : “Nice job, Bolt!"


    Pooki : "Dance with me, will ya? Ahahaha"
    Ahri : "I'm just a petal~"
    Popo : "I bounce!"
    Pepe : "You like my crown?"
    Pon : "Haiya! Haiya! Don't mess with me!"
    Beskin : "*roar* Plunder time!"
    Hokin: "Let's go kids! Hngghh..."
    Cellops : "My legs.. are sharp."
    Syllops : "Yeah! My poison."
    Nami : "Fufufufu! It's clear!"
    Smoky : "I"ll smoke you out!"
    Babel : "I'll chew you down!"
    Cocoon : "I can take you down with a smash."
    Raccoon : "You shall not pass me."
    Ricky : "You look delicious.."
    Rowl : "I smell food!!"
    Raul : "I'm hungry!"
    Cooper : "I'll pierce you"
    Reaper : "You want my pinces?!"
    Leo : "I'm now mad!"
    Charles : "Dance time.."
    Skull : "Charge! Forward!"
    Skud : "I've got you!"
    Derik : "Can i bite you too?!"
    Ellin : "Is that all you got?!"
    Ellen : "For the Shadow Clan!"
    Bane : "I smell your fear..."
    Jak : "Humans tastes good."
    Toto : "Dodge this!"
    Loto : "Wohohohohoho! Too easy"!
    Jas : "Don't challenge my lightning"
    Howl : "I'll delight(?) you with new magic."
    Bella : "You shall taste the demon inside me."
    Cleo : "You shall be my collection."
    Frose : "Beware the spirits of nix"
    Fruna : "Spirits! We are always on standby!"
    Wendy : "The storm is coming."
    Kai : "More preys here to bother me"
    Guppy : "Move! Go over there! There!"
    Lania : "I'll freeze you to death!"
    Happy : "Play with me! Hihihi~"
    Baron : "Don't underestimate demon!"
    Aaron : "Challenge me anytime!
    Ali : "I'll feed my liege with your flesh! And blood!"
    Clops : "Can i hit you?"
    Sarah : “Hi baby, muah...”
    Knox : “ I'll present to you, a glorious death”


    Moonlit isle

    Coco : "Hey, You want some of me?"
    Catty : "Did i break you~ already?"
    Jin : “You’re not a worthy challenge for me”
    Lina : “Silence, arrived”
    Daisy : “ you think you can take me?”
    Rei : “time to end”
    - Western Emperor’s Land
    Dragon : "You shall not break the seal"
    Phoenix : "The sun, shines me"
    Soi : "Happy hunting it was! "
    Fen Yan : "There's no losing on my path!"
    Tsingtao : "The world is spinning"
    Ling Ling : "No mercy to the bad"
    Maosong : "I prefer my fist, than the sword"
    Bai Long : "Hahaa!.. Come and get some!"
    Zhao Yun : "Sweep you all"
    Diaochan : "Am I not attractive to you? Of course not"
    Zhuge Liang : "For the glory of the emperor"
    Guan Yu : "Guan Yu, at your service"
    - East Land Of Emperor
    Kang Jae : "Hahaha haha hahahahaha"
    Yu Shin : "Enlightenment comes from within"
    Lee Jung : "Don't even think of passing"
    Kwonho : "Growl~"
    Bi Dam : "Hahaha, you like that?"
    Nezha : "Come at me if you can!"
    Bai Jiao : *laugh in korean*
    - Dark Sanctuary
    Giparang : "haaa, Khaaa!"
    Asura : "We wait till the day to come"


    Elemental : "Do you seek for more power?"
    Mimic : "Treasure! Domm.. Nommm.."
    Fina : "Are you ready for the Transcension?"
    Leah : "It's time for you to equip more gears!"
    Power Up Crystal : *sparkling sound*

    Collaboration Hero.


    + Tsubaki Yayoi : "For the 'imperator'."
    + Noel Vermillion : "Dont move, i want this one."
    + Ragna : "And stay down!"

    Guilty Gear 

    Kyske : "Behold the power of my lightning!"
    Ramlethal : "...(sweeping her hat), Heaa!"
    Sol badguy : "You wanna live,pal? you better not hold back."
    Jam : "Hyaa..!"
    Jack'O : " ...."
    - anyone can add some?? :D
    *Correct Me If I Wrong

    Source Quotes: https://www.facebook.com/groups/7KnightsGame/permalink/670833149686309/
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