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    Sunday, February 05, 2017

    Sword Art Online Memory Defrag 1.7.2 God Mode (Invicible)

    Sword Art Online Memory Defrag 1.7.2 God Mode (Invicible)

    "Sword of God domain a memory reorganization" is a smart phone play at the same time, you can re-experience the TV animation and the original story content of the action RPG game.
    The aim of this work is to use a finger to operate in the original and the animation Kazuto, Yasina, Li and Shino are full of personality roles such as gorgeous skills, to defeat the opportunistic raid to break through the enemy Type level.
    In addition, there are many people in this work online mode, so that players can and partners in the checkpoints in cooperation with each other, with down the enemy.
    In the multiplayer online mode and partners to share each other back, block and other tasks, enjoy and play different fun.

    【Recommended Version】
    Android 4.1.2 and above

    (1) recommended models, recommended version of the software users will not be included in the customer service object.
    (2) According to the user's personal use, recommended models may also be operational instability.
    (3) As for the recommended version, even "Android4.1.2 or later" may not guarantee the latest version.



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