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    Thursday, March 16, 2017

    Seven Knights Korean Update 16 March 2017

    Warm spring weather and updates have found together ~
    In the case of
    After updating the 3rd anniversary, real time fighting content was unstable, and there were a lot of difficulties with various errors? It is! ㅠㅂㅜ
    Please acknowledge slightly that you are trying to make error correction and smooth real time battle available as quickly as possible (__)
    In the case of
    This update, many deficiencies are brave, material that you were missing a lot of potential capacity release!
    Brought a special event dungeon that can immediately acquire elements on the spot ~
    In the case of
    Check the contents of the update together ~ :)
    In the case of
    * All screenshots are taken with the test server and may differ from actual update contents.

    1. Additional Special Dungeon *Event
    (Element Dungeon)Easy,Normal,Hard Mode (Rewards: 4* Random Element)
    2. GVG Banned List : 
    Melcure, Kris, Orly, Carl Heron, Evan, Chancellor
    - End event
    > Hero Acquisition event
    > Pet Acquisition event
    > Luminous Revolution PVE Equipment Event
    > Special 3rd Anniv May's Box Event
    > Daily Dungeon Elements 1+1 Event
    > Six Knights Special Dungeon Event
    > 3rd Anniv Topaz Shop Disc Event
    - Compensation payments events.
    > Hero Acquisition event
    > Pet acquired event
    > 3rd Anniversary Special Raid 3 Packages
    > Special 3rd Anniv May's Box Event

    ■ 1 event dungeon addition (element dungeon)

    - Event dungeon will be added that can acquire the element at the time of clearing.

    * Event Dungeon can enter at [Battle] → [Special Dungeon] → [Event Dungeon].
    * Event dungeon is initialized at the time of the first connection after 00:00, and entrance once a day is possible.
    ※ Event Dungeon does not share the number of positions with the existing special dungeon.
    (For example, you can enter an elemental dungeon and enter an existing special dungeon once)

    ■ Correcting errors
    - Awakening Passive skill triggered, intermittent phenomenon that team heroes are not using skills
    - The phenomenon that Gerridos jewelry 'guardian of Gelidos' shielding option is not intermittently applied in real time battle
    - A phenomenon in which the ability value of jewelry worn in a real-time battle is not intermittently applied
    - A phenomenon in which the "disappearance" skill effect of awakening lapis is not intermittently applied
    In the case of
    ■ Guild War Banned Heroes (All Evaluations Including Awakening)
    - Melkure, Chris, Orly, Carl Heron, Evan, Chancellor

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